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Montana Eagle is a multi-dimensional trading company which imports only the highest quality of tobacco, cigars as well as bottled water to Erbil, Iraq. We currently provide a range of premium Davidoff cigars; available in a variety of blends and sizes. That we know our elite clients will appreciate and enjoy. The Italian multinational beverage company San Benedetto is also on our roster of products. Offering the most fresh and clean bottled water on the market worldwide. With many more affluent commodities to come. We are here to give our customers a diverse and reliable experience.

Our mission is to offer top of the line items with a focus on dependability, quality, and uniqueness. We believe in providing Erbil with the best items in the market while insuring that all products are carefully handled and transported. We pride ourselves on agility and delivering on time. Another essential aspect is our up to date market analysis on what we believe to be the finest items from all over the world. Giving our clients the luxury of choosing from a range of different pieces.

We believe our only competitor is ourselves. As we are regularly updating all aspects of our business. Pushing the boundaries, researching new and innovative ways of supplying our customers with our prestigious items, in the most convenient and simple manner possible.

What’s the difference between us and other similar market competitors? Since the start of Montana Eagle in 2019. We have successfully provided Erbil with our products nonstop. Our bottled water range; San Benedetto has successfully been sold to supermarkets, restaurants as well as businesses all over the city. You could say that we are one of the fastest developing importing companies in the country. We have yet to miss any deadline and work fast to provide for the growing demand.